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Bears Contributor 7

Please offer a warm welcome to our next bright and beautiful BEARS contributor…STEVE ABEE!

Steve Abee (is a teacher)

Steve Abee was born in Santa Monica, California and began writing after high school when he held a job as an orderly at St. John’s Hospital. His mind started to unfold itself and he thought if he was going to save it he better start writing things down. “I saw the fragility and blessedness of lives and started to come apart in the wonderment of it all.” He is a visionary American writer whose work searches for the mystic in the every day. He is the new poetry collection, Great Balls of Flowers out now with Write Bloody books, and the upcoming novel Johnny Future with MP Press; also he authored the Los Angeles underground classic The Bus: Cosmic Ejaculations of the Daily Mind in Transit (Phony Lid Books), and the stories and poems King Planet (Incommunicado). He lives with his family and teaches in Los Angeles.

Subtopic: A. A. Milne. Get the details on seeing Steve perform with us!


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