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THE MOON Contributor 9

Greg Karber: check or be checked

Oh, we’re so sad to be running out of contributors to announce–but we’re even happier to announce our final contributor!

Greg Karber is the star of the hit Greg Carber Video Show, which appears every now and then on YouTube and is watched by dozens. Join the totally-not-a-cult at or on Facebook at We promise there’s no Kool-Aid (for now).
He has previously appeared in the Encyclopedia Show as the Fact Checker, and is excited to present his own work, even though he’s probably the worst person who could possibly be assigned his sub-topic.

Subtopic: Menstruation

Get your tickets now to see Greg perform!


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Moon Rock

We’re really excited about this next show, guys. We’re already writing songs about it.

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A Bear of an Evening

Well, friends, we’ve done it. The Encyclopedia Show Los Angeles has begun–and I think everyone who was there can agree that the night was a rousing success.

This was, of course, thanks to our amazing contributors. From Ashly Burch’s hilarious opening–on the real value of friendship, not to mention Kevin James–to Jeremy Radin’s breathtaking close, we were treated to a collection of performances as diverse as they were delightful. Elaina Ellis reminded us not to forget our roots, or our fathers; Mike Costa made us think about reality and fame. Rachel Wigginton and Daniel Lopez taught us a little bit about true love, and Rob Turbovsky left us choking with laughter the way only a sad Jew in a Fozzie bear suit can. True to form, Beau Sia riveted our eyes and ears (and noted the dangers of Wikipedia); Steve Abee showed us that A.A. Milne’s really got more to say about addiction than you might think. And Jeremy Radin delivered a letter to Theodore Roosevelt that left jaws on the floor and eyes full of tears throughout the room.

In the process, I think we learned a lot about bears.

For those of you who missed it, don’t hate yourselves (too much). We made a recording, and as soon as we’ve got it sorted out and smoothed over, we’ll be making it available online.

And now, let’s get ready to go to THE MOON. Wednesday, November 9–same time, same place. Save the Date!!

Yours in knowledge, knowing, and glowing pride,

The Encyclopedia Show Los Angeles

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Announcing TESLA T-shirts! Thanks to the inimitable Aaron Purnell’s design skills. Get yours tonight!! $15 at the merch table.

You, too, can be so beautiful.

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What IS the Encyclopedia Show Los Angeles?

In case our “Information!” page doesn’t get it across to you, here’s an instructional video, courtesy of your Host and that scourge upon all that is good in the world, the Fact Checker:

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Meet the Cast!

Hi there!

We know you’ve met us before, in our everyday guise (and if you haven’t, please do!). But now, thanks to some fantastic work by our friend Ethan, you can meet us in full show persona. Here are the highlights from our first publicity shoot! Stay tuned, more coming soon.

The TESLA Cast hard at work: Sarah Streicher, Greg Karber, Alexandra Bush, Caitlin Parrish, Adam Weightman, Brooke Wilkinson


Your Hosts and Fact Checker: Greg Karber, Caitlin Montanye Parrish, and Alexandra Bush

Sometimes, things get a little antagonistic between your Hosts and Fact Checker. Also known as, eff that guy.

The Fact Checker is always at the ready to ruin fun.

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Greetings! Here We Are!

Hello there!

As some of you may have already learned from the Book of Faces, The Encyclopedia Show is coming to Los Angeles!

Starting October 6th, we will be bringing our singularly geeked-out, psyched, and thoroughly brainy variety show to King King in Hollywood.

But, who the hell are we? Why should you trust us? Are there silly photos of the crew?

Excellent questions all ’round. That’s what we like about you. You’re inquisitive.

So, please feast upon the origin stories and curriculum vitae of the TESLA team below.

Also, there are silly photos.

Eternal love,

The Encyclopedia Show Los Angeles (TESLA!)

 Alexandra Bush (HOST)

A Seattle native and former resident of Boston, Munich, and Berlin, Alex Bush is currently earning an MA in Critical Studies at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. She plans to make a career in academia, or as the kids used to say, “Be cool, stay in school.” This will enable her to spend her life with her true loves: arts, letters, and most things Teutonic. When not hosting the fabulous contributors to TESLA, she likes to eat, drink, ride bikes, and spread merriment like an infection. You can find evidence of her other life at

Greg Karber (FACT CHECKER)

Greg Karber was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the setting of the movies True Grit. Growing up in a town full of gunslingers, he got his kicks early, and formed a protective shell that allows him to easily navigate the treacherous waters of the Los Angeles Entertainment Industry. He is currently working toward an MFA in Writing for Screen and Television at the University of Southern California.

Caitlin Montanye Parrish (HOST)

A Florida native and Chicago ex-pat, Caitlin has been paid to check a Dublin theatre for bombs, analyze the etymological difference between “dork” and “dwarf” for Sudanese eight year-olds, and write plays. She is an unrepentant Anglophile and could really use a cup of tea. Most recently her play A Twist of Water was selected by Chicago Magazine as its Box Office Hit of 2011. Her work examines civic, generational, and sexual definition through the lens of smaller family stories. Her goal is to explode these themes in the hour-long television drama format while maintaining a healthy sense of humor.

Adam Weightman (CAST/WRITER)

Adam Weightman is an American poet, actor, music video producer, poetry slam performer, public speaking teacher, baby goat wrangler, experimental performance artist, peanut butter jelly timer, and writer from Hollywood California. His accomplishments include; forthright decisions to write in third person, multiple collegiate national championships in fictional and non-fictional writing, and two certificates of appreciation for advising the Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) Slam Poetry Team.  He believes it is never too late to be young and you are never too old to be stupid.

Brooke Wilkinson (CAST/WRITER)

Brooke Wilkinson grew up in Salt Lake City surrounded by Mormons as a non-Mormon causing her to develop a crazy aversion to all things green and wiggly.  (She’s got a lot of great Mormon jokes.)  Later in life, she made the wise decision to pursue writing instead of a lucrative law career.  Never one to underestimate the power of cake, she eats a lot of cake.  Hobbies include watching ghost hunting shows and making fun of ghost hunting shows.

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