Hello and welcome to a VERY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!

In three weeks we will put the second-ever Encyclopedia Show Los Angeles up onstage, and we couldn’t be more proud and excited about our terrific contributors. Coming soon to talk about the moon…


Schatar “Hottie” Sapphira (award-winning celebrity actress, vocalist and producer) – MONDAY

M. W. Roberts (inventor of the time machine and the moon, among other gadgets) – MICHAEL COLLINS

Victor Infante (poet, editor, journalist, busy guy) – THE GREAT MOON HOAX OF 1835

Doug Patterson (writer, musician, window licker) – MOON COLONIZATION

Mary Hamilton (co-creator of the QUICKIES! reading series) – GREEN CHEESE

Khatt Taylor (writer, performer) – THE OLD WOMAN WHO NEVER DIES (Sioux Moon Myth)

Lauren Sweeney (writer) – MOON LANDING CONSPIRACY (We Never Went to the Moon)

Lea C. Deschenes (poet, performer) – THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY

Greg Karber (writer, mystery solver) – MENSTRUATION

Glory! Be sure to catch the second volume of The Encyclopedia Show L.A. November 9, 2011. 8pm at King King in Hollywood. 21+. Get your tickets now!!

Yours in knowledge and knowing,



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