A Bear of an Evening

Well, friends, we’ve done it. The Encyclopedia Show Los Angeles has begun–and I think everyone who was there can agree that the night was a rousing success.

This was, of course, thanks to our amazing contributors. From Ashly Burch’s hilarious opening–on the real value of friendship, not to mention Kevin James–to Jeremy Radin’s breathtaking close, we were treated to a collection of performances as diverse as they were delightful. Elaina Ellis reminded us not to forget our roots, or our fathers; Mike Costa made us think about reality and fame. Rachel Wigginton and Daniel Lopez taught us a little bit about true love, and Rob Turbovsky left us choking with laughter the way only a sad Jew in a Fozzie bear suit can. True to form, Beau Sia riveted our eyes and ears (and noted the dangers of Wikipedia); Steve Abee showed us that A.A. Milne’s really got more to say about addiction than you might think. And Jeremy Radin delivered a letter to Theodore Roosevelt that left jaws on the floor and eyes full of tears throughout the room.

In the process, I think we learned a lot about bears.

For those of you who missed it, don’t hate yourselves (too much). We made a recording, and as soon as we’ve got it sorted out and smoothed over, we’ll be making it available online.

And now, let’s get ready to go to THE MOON. Wednesday, November 9–same time, same place. Save the Date!!

Yours in knowledge, knowing, and glowing pride,

The Encyclopedia Show Los Angeles


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