Presenting…the BEARS Line-Up!


At long last we bring to you, with pride and joy in our hearts, the unbelievably badass BEARS line-up of contributors. It’s our first show, and we pulled out all the stops.


Beau Sia (Poet, Multitalented Czar) – BEAR BAITING

Mike Costa (DC Comics) – BART THE BEAR

Ashly Burch (co-creator of Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’ and maintainer of How Games Saved My Life) – HIBERNATION

Steve Abee (author of Great Balls of Flowers) – A.A. MILNE

Daniel Lopez & Rachel D. Wigginton (writers/performers) – BEAR ATTACK SURVIVAL

Jeremy Radin (author of Slow Dance With Sasquatch) – TEDDY ROOSEVELT

Elaina Ellis (Write Bloody Poet) – BEARS IN GAY CULTURE

Rob Turbovsky (McSweeney’s contributor) – BEAR MARKET

Glory! Be sure to catch the premiere of The Encyclopedia Show L.A. October 6th, 2011. 8pm at King King in Hollywood. 21+.

Yours in knowledge and knowing,



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