THE MOON Contributor 9

Greg Karber: check or be checked

Oh, we’re so sad to be running out of contributors to announce–but we’re even happier to announce our final contributor!

Greg Karber is the star of the hit Greg Carber Video Show, which appears every now and then on YouTube and is watched by dozens. Join the totally-not-a-cult at or on Facebook at We promise there’s no Kool-Aid (for now).
He has previously appeared in the Encyclopedia Show as the Fact Checker, and is excited to present his own work, even though he’s probably the worst person who could possibly be assigned his sub-topic.

Subtopic: Menstruation

Get your tickets now to see Greg perform!


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THE MOON Contributor 8

Lea Deschenes

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! No tricks here, only treats–like the privilege of working with our penultimate contributor:

Lea C. Deschenes resides in Worcester, MA and holds an MFA in Poetry from New England College. Her poetry has appeared online, on stage and in print. A former member of four National Poetry Slam teams and a coach to two more, she also dusts off her BA in Theater to perform. She has received a Jacob Knight Award, been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes and represented Worcester in the 2005 Individual World Poetry Slam. She is the author of thirteen chapbooks. Her first full-length collection The Constant Velocity of Trains is available through Write Bloody Publishing.

Subtopic: The Sea of Tranquility

Get your tickets now to see Lea perform!

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THE MOON Contributor 7

Lauren Sweeney (heartbreaker)

We’re a pretty fortunate crew around here. L.S. stands for Lucky Seven, and also…

Philadelphia native Lauren Sweeney is a lapsed dancer, (“lapsed” not “lap,”) and the daughter of two artists. After eight years of all-female education, she did an inexplicable three-year stint in finance. She is currently a writer because it is the only occupation enhanced by a series of poor life decisions.

Subtopic: Moon Landing Conspiracy (We Never Went to the Moon)

Get your tickets now to see Lauren perform!

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THE MOON Contributor 6

Khatt Taylor

Two days till Halloween, eleven days till the show, who even needs to count down to Christmas? We’re thrilled to introduce our next contributor…

Khatt Taylor has been pregnant, a hip hop star, politician, maid, a scottish mum, a white man, and a tree…for money. She writes provocative poems and plays about loving and living. She’s currently working on her 4th one-woman show. Khatt hails from South Central LA and holds a MFA from the University of Washington.

Subtopic: The Old Woman Who Never Dies (Sioux Moon Myth)

Get your tickets now to see Khatt perform!

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THE MOON Contributor 5

Mary Hamilton has fantastic glasses

Every day’s a good day when you get to make announcements like these. Meet our next contributor to THE MOON:

Mary Hamilton is an optician in Silver Lake. Her collection of short short stories, “We Know What We Are” won the Rose Metal Press Chapbook contest. Her next chapbook, “Kill Me Forever” will be available sometime in 2012. She has a passion for Wii tennis and Australian reality TV programming.

Subtopic: Green Cheese

Get your tickets now to see Mary perform!

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THE MOON Contributor 4

Doug Patterson: a documented moon expert, who also loves America

It’s day four of announcing our very exciting lineup for our November 9 trip to THE MOON. Introducing…

Doug Patterson is a writer and musician from Columbus, Ohio, where he played in various bands and waited tables at various restaurants. He has performed in exotic locales such as: Dayton, Kent, and Cleveland. He’s shared the stage with the likes of: Circus Dick, Krotchrott, and Curl Up and Die. He moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to work on an MFA at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. He hopes to someday have 100 twitter followers (@dougistweeting).

Subtopic: Moon Colonization.

Get your tickets now to see Doug perform!

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THE MOON Contributor 3

Victor D. Infante

Happy Wednesday! We’re so excited for you to meet the third of our fantastic contributors to THE MOON…

Victor D. Infante is the author of City of Insomnia, from Write Bloody Publishing and the editor-in-chief of Radius: Poetry From the Center To The Edge. He used to live in SoCal, but now he’s in New England. Which is nice.

Subtopic: The Great Moon Hoax of 1835

Get your tickets now to see Victor perform!

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